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Dr. Faye Snyder

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Dr. Faye is a psychologist, marriage and family therapist and forensic evaluator. She is the founder and clinical director of the non-profit Parenting and Relationship Counseling Foundation (PaRC) in Granada Hills, California. She has taught developmental psychology at the California State University, Northridge. Most importantly, Dr. Faye, along with her husband, Ron, is the proud parent of daytime Emmy winning Scott Clifton, her laboratory and her evidence.

Dr. Snyder became highly interested in philosophy and theory as an undergraduate at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. It was during those years she began to think like a theoretician. She attended California Graduate Institute in West Los Angeles, for her masters degree, originally in order to understand how therapists were trained and to seek clues explaining why she encountered a string of sixteen therapists who couldn’t help her followed, at last, by a marriage and family therapist who was able to help her turn her life around in under a year. This very need to understand theories of psychology and systems later sent her off to the Department of Family and Children’s Services. After a string of experiences with DCFS she also developed concerns about their theories, training and practices. Snyder visited accredited and approved schools and elected to study at California Graduate Institute, an approved school, because the classes were smaller, more convenient for the mother of an infant, and they were more affordable. Since then, Snyder has become a champion of small schools, claiming that accredited schools are often economically and politically driven.

While at CGI, Snyder formulated the Causal Theory as a parenting and diagnostic tool that seeks to identify the experiences behind all behaviors, from creative leadership to criminal and pathological behavior.  Snyder and her husband, Ron, only had one child, Scott. They parented him according to the persuasive theories she was learning at CGI and embellished where she found no guidance. Scott became her laboratory and her evidence, and she claimed it was the most fun she has ever had. When Snyder decided to present her theory on a national level, she returned to school for more credentials, realizing how controversial her theory was. She picked Ryokan College of Psychology from where she received her doctorate. Upon choosing the school, she was notified that this school too was approved, not accredited, so the registrar told her, she would not be able to ever teach at a university. This did not trouble Snyder because she had no thoughts of teaching at a university. Nevertheless, she was invited to present the Causal Theory as a guest lecturer at California State University, Northridge and then she was invited to teach at CSUN where she was a popular but controversial professor. Click here to read her reviews on

Professor Snyder’s son met his future fiancee upon visiting one of his mom’s classes. Snyder loved teaching, but she needed to finish The Manual and began to think about opening her own college to train therapists in the Causal Theory.  Dr. Snyder spent most of her advanced education comparing and contrasting theories and assessing the makings of good clinicians. She concluded that a good therapist begins with good mental health and good therapy. “Healthy people, or more ideally, healed people, make better therapists,” she says. Next, a clinician needs a quality education in good theory, including the ability to assess, compare and contrast theories. Of course, a good internship is essential. Snyder's son, Scott Clifton, took his first and middle name as an actor, and has since changed his name legally. He is also a singer-songwriter and a debater on the Internet with a Youtube channel of more than 30 thousand subscribers. Clifton has been nominated for an Emmy five times, winning once in 2011. He teaches parenting theory at his mother's non-profit on occasion.

Dr. Faye has been assessing parenting and children’s behaviors for more than two decades, utilizing comparative research and a continuous flow of feedback to supplement, check and verify whether these perceived causal relationships are accurate. Her Causal Theory hypothesizes the origins of personality disorders in early childhood, as well as the source of acting-out behaviors, resulting from unrecognized and unresolved childhood trauma. Dr. Snyder has recently extended her specialty to include forensics and the desperately needed, lower priced, fast track child custody evaluations. Additionally, having worked extensively with children with Reactive Attachment Disorder who were prone to violence, Snyder is now available for criminal assessment, to include profiling, risk assessment, and highlighting the origins of criminal behavior in the early years of life. To this end, she is jump-starting her work in forensics by offering reduced rates for a short period of time.

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Dr. Snyder is available by phone at 661-257-1020.